Tips For Dealing With Claims After a Hurricane

Tips For Dealing With Claims After a Hurricane

1) We are always here to help. You can report claims directly to the insurance company, however, we are happy to give you advice before you file a claim. Once you call the insurance company, it will show up on your record regardless of whether anything ever gets paid out. Call our office at 301-431-0000 or email us at

2) Don’t panic! You have plenty of time to report the claim. Your first priority should be to prevent further damage. If water is coming in the home, have a contractor install a tarp on the roof. If your electrical system has been compromised, have the electricity turned off.

3) Know your deductible! In the past, we received several calls and emails from people that wanted to file claims for small amounts less than their deductible. It only makes sense to file a claim if the cost of repairs exceeds the deductible.

4) A hurricane is considered a “catastrophe” by most insurance companies. This means the impact on your rates for filing a claim will be less than usual. You can still lose qualifications such as a “claim free” discount, so understand that even though they may not raise your rates because of the claim, they can take away discounts.

5) Some companies offer a “pre-claim consultation.” They will have an adjuster review your situation and give you a tentative response before you officially file. You have to ask for this when filing the claim.

6) Patience! Insurance companies will bring in special teams of adjusters from around the country to help with the backlog of claims. Normal response times from all of our carriers is 24 hours or less. You can expect that it may take days or weeks for the adjusters to come see your damage. If it is an emergency, let them and us know so we can move you to the front of the line.

7) We promise that your home will be just like it was before the storm, if not better. If you just wait and allow the system to work, everything will work out like it’s supposed to. All of our insurance carriers are the best in the industry. They are fair, responsive, and ethical.

Having damage to your home can be an emotional and stressful time. We understand and are here to help! Our after-hours team is working all weekend and is ready to assist you however we can.

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