How to Get Good Driver Rewards on Your Auto Insurance Policy

How to Get Good Driver Rewards on Your Auto Insurance Policy

Do good drivers really get rewarded in auto insurance? If you’ve been a safe driver for years and are due for a policy renewal, check out our list of top companies that give their customers a big discount.

How To Get Good Driver Rewards on Your Auto Insurance Policy?

So you have been driving responsibly and obeying all traffic laws, but you are unsure if it makes any difference in your auto insurance policy? 

This question comes up quite often in auto insurance, and everyone is wondering the same thing—do good drivers receive good driver rewards? 

Yes, they do! 

If your car history shines with a ‘safe driving’ sign, you can easily qualify for good driver insurance.

What Is a Good Driver Discount?

Drivers who have not committed moving violations or been found at fault in accidents during a given period can receive reduced insurance premiums. Some of the most frequent discounts include good drivers, clean driving records, safe drivers, and accident-free drivers. These are all great ways to save money on your auto insurance policy if you are responsible behind the wheel.

A clean vehicle record with no claims or accidents directly informs the insurance company that you are a low risk, which eventually results in lower premium costs. Therefore, finding an insurance policy that values good drivers can save you a lot of money.

You can get two types of driver discounts (one for no violations for a given number of years and another for no accident claims for a given number of years).

New drivers who have not had enough time to qualify for the good driver discount can enroll in the defensive driving course, saving them money and lowering their accident risk.

Clear-cut drivers could get a 10% to 30% discount from most insurance carriers. However, suppose you have not been part of any traffic violations or accidents during the policy’s duration. In that case, you may be eligible for a discount from your insurance provider. 

To qualify for the best insurance rates, drivers need three to five years without moving violations on their records. Some insurance companies even offer a good driver reward program. A standard reward is a discount of 5% to 10%. If you maintain your safety record, your insurer may increase your discount value after three years.

How To Find Good Driver Discounts on Car Insurance?

Are you a good driver? You could save money on car insurance if you consider yourself a good driver. Here are a few tips on how to find good driver discounts on car insurance. 

1) Take the time to read the coverage and benefits available from different insurance companies and pick the one that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget the most. For example, if you drive less than 10,000 miles per year or have an excellent credit score, you may qualify for a lower premium by switching providers. 

2) Ask your agent to reach out to their insurance companies and ask about their customer loyalty programs for good drivers. For example, some companies offer a 30% discount for being loyal to one company for five years or more! A long-term commitment can save you hundreds of dollars in car insurance premiums over the next five years! 

In most cases, you must file a prior claims report with your insurance company within the last three years without any accidents or violations while operating another vehicle not owned by you. 

The simplest way to begin the process is with a quote online, which many companies will provide at no cost.

Good Driver Discounts: Which Car Insurance Companies Have Them?

Regardless of how safe a driver you are, your rate may change based on which insurance provider you pick. There will always be a slight pricing difference across insurers, as each uses a unique formula to calculate your premium. 

But some providers will offer good driver discounts for customers who have been accident-free for a certain number of years or stay within certain limits of the state’s mandatory liability coverage. 

A lower deductible can also result in cheaper rates, but this is not available at all companies, and you should research it carefully before making any decision. The most important thing to remember is that when comparing rates, it’s essential to make sure they are apples-to-apples: You should look at the same type of policy from the same company and compare prices for similar levels of coverage.

Companies That Offer The Best Good Driver Insurance

To help you out, we compared prices from leading insurance companies in the United States to find out who offers the most affordable policies for safe drivers.

Companies such as Travelers, Erie, Safeco, Progressive, Hanover, and others offer these discounts.  Capitol Benefits works with all of these companies and more.  

How Can You Maintain Your Good Driver Discount?

A safe driver is a person who follows certain safe habits and implements them constantly in their driving. So, to be a safe driver who will maintain their auto insurance discount, follow these things:

Stay focused and avoid any distractions

Phones, loud music, texting your friends, increasing the song volume, and much more should be things to avoid while driving. Yes, changing the song you listen to is highly satisfying, but it is also hazardous and will not preserve your good driver discount. 

Drive the car only when you have to

Since no car that stays in the garage can get in an accident, driving it less frequently can save money and lives. Also, no new tickets will be on the way. Some companies might reward you even for low mileage.

Do not slam the brakes

Slamming the brakes or the accelerator is something you should avoid. Slamming them is terrible for the car and your safety. So, with more time to accelerate/decelerate, you will not crash into another driver.

What Kind Of Good Driver Discounts Can You Find?

The kinds of discounts always depend on the company and its algorithms. Any company could have different numbers when it comes to discounts. 

Most often, companies divide into two types of discounts:

  1. Accident-free discount, which provides almost 20% if you did not have any accidents in the last 3-5 years.
  2. Violation-free discount, which provides you with a 15% discount if your driving is violation-free over a given number of years.

Some companies might offer a safe driver discount, a combination of accident-free and violation-free discounts. This discount is one that drivers who avoided both incidents and accidents can receive.

Another option would be usage-based insurance. For example, telematic insurance is usage-based insurance that will monitor while you drive through a mobile app in your car. Then, you will get discounts based on your driving performance.

If you avoid accidents for a specified period, you can get lowered premiums instead of a specific discount.

Final Words

Being a good driver with safe driving habits can save you and earn you some money. Ask your insurance advisor about good driver rewards, and they can help determine which insurance company can offer you the best benefits. Our team at Capitol Benefits is here to help. Click here to schedule an appointment.


How Does Telematics Work In Cars?

Telematics monitors cars and trucks via GPS technology and OBD (on-board diagnostics). It assesses the asset’s movements on a map.

Do All New Cars Have Telematics?

Almost 98% of new vehicles have telematics tracking technology inside.

How Many Driving Years Do I Need To Be Considered A Good Driver?

Usually, it takes three to five years to be a good driver. First, you must have a clean record with no accidents and violations.

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